Summer Newsletter - 28th June 2022

We are already past the longest day, but with the Summer Holidays around the corner for many, I thought I should write to remind you of some of the many conditions that homeopathy might be able to support you with over the next few months. 

For Teenagers
Thank goodness the exam season is over - I have supported a few students through the process, treating a wide variety of symptoms. The relief of finishing may bring a series of celebrations, parties, and a summer of festivals and holidays for many. If you have a homeopathic first aid kit, do encourage your youngsters to become familiar with remedies for over-indulgence, insect bites, sunstroke, and minor injuries. And if you don’t have a kit, either contact me, or follow the link to purchase one direct from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy

Hay Fever, allergies and asthma
The pollen count has been exceptionally high this year, and even those who don’t usually get hay fever, have been suffering. Please let me know if you would like support both short and long term. If you have hay fever every year, it is possible to reduce your susceptibility to all allergies and symptoms with Winter and Spring preventative treatment. Please let me know if you would like to do this. It would entail short monthly consultations and a series of prescriptions which would be tailormade to your unique pattern of symptoms. 

Whether you are travelling abroad or within the UK this summer, some people travel better than others. Again, the homeopathic First Aid Kit should be on your essential packing list. I have an information sheet specifically geared to cover acute symptoms often experienced whilst away from home. Please get in touch if you already have a kit and need refills; and I will send you the Travel Remedy Sheet. At your next consultation do ask about holiday remedies, as there may be ones specifically well suited to you that are not in the kit. 

First Aid: Home Prescribing
I will be running short, informal courses in the Autumn on home prescribing so please get in touch if you are interested. Having a first aid kit means you can treat acute symptoms from minor injuries quickly - burns, insect stings, food poisoning, etc. Attending a course will give you the confidence to use the kit, and experience the beauty of natural treatment. 

Building Resilience against Coughs and Colds in the Autumn
It would be wise to build a stronger constitution so that when you are back to work and school after the summer holidays you are in the best position to be amongst any germs that seem to go round when everyone is back under the same roof again. Do book in for an appointment in early September so that you are ready for the change of pace.  

Warmest wishes for a happy and healthy summer. 

Sarah Beales RsHom LCCH   Dorset House  Bryanston School  Blandford Forum DT11 0PS  07742 077373