I firmly believe that the source of good health and happiness is within us all. Successful homeopathic treatment gets to the heart of how symptoms have arisen recognising that there is rarely a single cause of any chronic condition, and rarely a single remedy. Homeopathy works beautifully in conjunction with other holistic complementary therapies in helping to regain and maintain balance mentally, emotionally and physically. It also works safely alongside conventional medication.

I discovered homeopathy in my twenties when I was suffering from mental health issues. I was anxious that I might become dependent on medication, but discovered that there was a more natural and gentle approach to getting well and staying well. Homeopathy taught me not to be afraid of symptoms, and develop a better understanding of what my body was telling me. 

Since then it has supported my family and helped us to build and maintain a better level of resilience emotionally and physically. It proved to be a huge support in alleviating the effects of cancer treatment for my husband.

I studied at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy which is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths and the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I am a member of both professional bodies and adhere to the Society’s Code of Ethics. Since qualifying in July 2020 I have been building up my homeopathic practice in Dorset and have recently joined the Contemporary College as registrar, supporting students of homeopathy in their studies.  

Here are a few conditions that I continue to support:

  • Women’s health issues around pregnancy, and symptoms arising from hormonal imbalances during puberty and menopause.
  • Teenage mental health and related physiological conditions, including amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, skin problems, eating disorders, anxiety and chronic fatigue.
  • Allergies including hay fever, asthma and eczema
  • Convalescence, including support after cancer surgery, COVID and CFS