A Recent Client writes on Homeopathy with Sarah Beales:

Have you ever got to the end of a road with your health and thought that you had nowhere to go?  You then prepare yourself to suffer for the rest of your life?  That’s the situation I was in 18 months ago and to say that I was desperate for pain relief is an absolute understatement.  My life was consumed by pain and misery and everything around me started to fall apart.

Then I was introduced to Sarah.  From the very beginning she reassured me that she could help, she gave me hope.  But boy I underestimated how much she would help. She spent a lot of time with me to understand everything about my past, my illnesses, my life experiences and at the end of my first session I walked away full of hope with my homeopathic medicine in my pocket.

Within a week I was pain free and I knew how to manage it.  I also gained this amazing ally in Sarah who understood everything I was going through. My mind was a little closed when I first heard about homeopathic medicine but now homeopathy is my go to without any doubt.  I dread to think where I would be had I not met Sarah, it doesn’t bear thinking about. I am forever grateful.

On Homeopathic Treatment for Symptoms of Menopause

‘Sarah has consistently been incredibly thorough, professional, patient and empathetic and right from my very first consultation, I have – and continue to have – enormous confidence in the advice and treatment she gives.  Having approached her in a state of overwhelm caused by the dreaded hot flushes of mid-life, the remedies that she has prescribed so far have, without a doubt, really helped to calm things down.’ (Avril)

Homeopathic Treatment for the Family

‘My sons and I have been using Homeopathy for a number of years and my family have been under Sarah’s care for the past two years. I find Sarah to be extremely warm and caring and very easy to talk to. We have had great success with homeopathy and it’s my first point of call for any ailment that we may be experiencing. She is engaging and great at talking to my children in order to gain an understanding of the symptoms they are experiencing. I would 100% recommend anyone to try homeopathy and Sarah will certainly work hard to find an answer to the problem.’ (Laura, school nurse)

On Teenage Concerns:

“I’m 17 and I’ve been seeing Sarah for a while now. She’s such a great listener and very easy to talk to. The whole experience of an appointment with Sarah is comfortable and easy, and her transparency helps me to understand myself and my remedies. The remedies have always been beneficial, and have shown great improvement to my problems.” (Charlotte, Southampton)

On Acne Treatment

My skin was terrible from years of birth control hormones. After an initial consultation with Sarah, she sent me a homeopathic prescription specifically tailored to me, and my skin problem, and after only a month my skin was so much clearer – Thank you! (Poppy, London)