Why Choose Homeopathy?

It is Holistic and Natural

Homeopathy treats the whole person rather than simply the complaint, seeing mental, emotional and physical health as being inextricably linked. It is tailor-made to you so how your symptoms have affected you overall is as important as the symptoms themselves. It views symptoms as the body’s natural process of elimination, rather than something to be feared.

During your treatment we will explore how everything in your life has affected your health and remedies will be carefully selected to resonate with your unique presentation of symptoms in order to stimulate your own healing mechanism. If you are looking to find a more natural approach to a condition you have suffered with for a long time, homeopathy can be very effective in bringing about improvements on every level, leaving you feeling more energetic, positive and able to cope with everything that life throws at you.

Mind and Body are treated as one – understanding stress and our health

Stress is anything that impacts on us emotionally or physically and it triggers a response by the endocrine system to produce hormones to help maintain our equilibrium. Our hormones are part of a complex bio-feedback system that is constantly responding to everything we encounter in our lives.

Our resilience to disease and stress is therefore directly relatable to everything that has happened to us over the course of our lives: our bodies are in a constant state of change as we adapt to situations, whether they be developmental stages in our own lives, changes in the weather or seasons, environments – pollution in cities, pollen in the countryside, viruses and bacteria, or people: challenging relationships: school friends, work colleagues, new relationships, bereavement.

Homeopathy takes all of this into account and it is particularly helpful when trauma, grief, anger and anxiety have begun to affect your overall health. It also takes into account inherited susceptibilities, conditions that ‘run in the family’, so your family’s medical history will also have a bearing on your homeopathic treatment. 

Homeopathy therefore has the potential to support a huge variety of conditions offering a safer path to better vitality and well-being, and a longer-lasting recovery. See here for some examples of conditions homeopathy can successfully treat.

It is safe and non-toxic

All toxic substances have been diluted out of homeopathic medicine, making the process of symptom relief and restoration to health much gentler. Because they are non-toxic, homeopathic remedies are safe to use alongside other medication and rarely cause side effects.

Patients often come to homeopathy as a last resort so if you have been on medication for some time your symptom picture is likely to be influenced by this. If this is the case it may be helpful to begin treatment with liver support. Homeopathic medicine is not addictive.

Homeopathy is safe to use alongside medication but if you are hoping to reduce your medication you should only do this in consultation with your doctor. I encourage you to keep in touch with the doctor whilst undergoing homeopathic treatment.