“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Marie Curie

Your Homeopathic Consultation

Your homeopathic consultation allows you space and time to explore just how your health has been affected by everything that has happened to you. Gaining a clearer understanding of your symptoms can play an important role in your recovery.

Because homeopathy is assisting a natural process it is important to remember that treating a chronic condition will take time, just as it has taken time to evolve, whereas acute conditions arise and can be treated quickly. I offer homeopathic support for both acute and chronic conditions.

First Step – a free 20 minute phone call

This is an opportunity for us to have an initial chat.  A good rapport between practitioner and patient is a key element in the healing process so it is essential that we are both absolutely sure we are going to be able achieve the best possible outcome together.

Initial Consultation – usually between 1½ and 2 hours

Homeopathy considers the whole person not just the disease, so I will need to build up a thorough picture of who you are and how your symptoms have evolved: it might be helpful to do a little homework ahead of your first appointment by writing down: 

  • A summary of your most important symptoms
  • Your medical history, including details of any medication past and current
  • Your family history of any medical conditions – maternal and paternal
  • Any other significant events in your life – making a ‘time line’ can be very helpful.

This will help you to focus on all the issues that you think may have affected your health. I will flesh this out during our first consultation with questions about your lifestyle including diet and exercise, your emotional state, sleep patterns and how you react under stress.

Homeopathy is not about making judgements so please be as open as you can – every detail you give is crucial to finding the best course of treatment to match your unique pattern of symptoms. Remember this is your space and time – I will listen with my full attention and compassion, and the better I get to know you, the more accurately I can prescribe for you. Everything you say is treated with respect and in complete confidence.

We will work out a treatment plan that prioritises what you would most like to address. A condition that has developed over a long period of time is unlikely to clear up quickly so it is important to think of your treatment as a process. We can look at methods of measuring your progress in subsequent consultations.

Follow up Consultations – usually 45mins to 1 hour

Homeopathy follows the energetic process of your dis-eased state.  Follow up consultations give us the opportunity to assess your progress and are crucial to the success of your treatment. The medicine is prescribed carefully to heal as gently as possible so you may not even realise that there have been improvements and occasionally there may be a shift in other seemingly less significant symptoms. The number and frequency of follow up consultations will depend entirely on the nature of your condition and we can discuss this before you commit to treatment.

The Medicine

I will usually give you your homeopathic medicine in tablet or pillule form, but it is often given as a liquid to be diluted in water, and there are also gels or creams for topical application if required. I will either give it to you on the day or send it to you.

Acute Conditions

Short appointments by telephone or email are available for the management of acute conditions such as coughs and colds or following accidents. Homeopathy can be particularly helpful following operations or to assist the healing of broken bones. Read more . . . .

Your consultations with me are completely confidential.